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Programs for Children and Young People 

Each of these programs is based on the 'gold standard' interventions for their area of focus. Please email me for a list of randomised control trials supporting the effectiveness of each program. 


Length: 50 minute sessions, 8 sessions in total. 


Fee: MX$1740 ($1500 + 16% IVA) / AUD$122 / USD: $70 per session. 15% discount for upfront payment of all 8 sessions. 

Structure: Individual or Group.


Times: Times are flexible and can be arranged for out-of-school hours for young people residing in Mexico, USA, Australia, Dubai etc. 

NB:  Additional programs can be made available as requested. 


This program teaches the problem solving process including ‘stopping and thinking’ before jumping in with a response. This process is applied a across a range areas, including schoolwork (specifically arithmetic problems), hypothetical social situations and personal dilemmas. It facilitates the use of a focused, systemic approach to decision-making and the consequent reduction of haphazard trial-and-error approaches. Skills are taught through explicit teaching, modelling and practising. We also explore the consequences of ill-thought out decision-making and managing emotions when mistakes are inevitably made. It draws on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) framework, adapted for online individual or group work. 



75% of mental illness develops before adulthood and early intervention can significantly alter this trajectory. This program is based on the increasing recognition that mood disorders such as Anxiety and Depression can be prevented, or have their severity significantly decreased, if support and intervention is provided at an early stage. EMOTION teaches a number of CBT skills for the management of early symptoms; which may lead to prevention of Anxiety and Depression disorders developing. It is best suited when symptoms of either Anxiety or Depression are emerging, or where there is a strong family history and parents would like to take proactive, preventative action. 




 This program teaches foundational mindfulness skills, including noticing breathing and sensations, mindfulness of the breathe, mindfulness of the body (body scan technique), eating mindfully, noticing thoughts and feelings (including self-talk), and strategies for making space for difficult thoughts and feelings. It is based on the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework of intervention and is particularly helpful for young people with a tendency towards anxiety or intense emotions (regardless of whether the emotions are typically expressed or avoided).




This program focuses specifically on Anxiety, including what it is; and how it impacts thoughts, feelings and our choices. It teaches explicit strategies for reducing Anxiety including relaxation and techniques for thinking in more helpful ways. It is appropriate for young people both with symptoms of Anxiety and with diagnosed Anxiety disorders. It is a based on CBT, often referred to as the ‘gold standard’ for Anxiety interventions due to the evidence-based research behind it.


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If you would like to register, or would like to discuss if the program is right for your child, please send me a message and I'll be in touch shortly. 

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