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For most of us who have been vaccinated, the inoculations have come with a sense of relief. The fog is lifting, to revel our expanded possibilities for the future. But for some of us in Mexico, where only sixteen per cent of the population has been fully vaccinated, the anxiety hasn’t completely disappeared. How safe are we on the streets, in a restaurant or a bar, in a store or at a public event? In this presentation, which will be a dialogue with the IWC participants, psychotherapist David Lida will talk about strategies for coping with the continuing Covid crisis.



David Lida is originally from New York but has spent over 25 years in Mexico City. He offers therapy in Spanish and English to both couples and individuals (including the LGBTQI community). He practices as part of Jenna Mayhew Psychology, a group clinical practice serving the English-speaking community in Mexico. 

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Come and joint us for this child/parent session
Dance Movement Psychotherapy for Children


We will talk about:


+ What is DMP/DMT?

+ Benefits of DMP for Children.

+ Structure of DMP sessions.

+ How non verbal communication, play and imagery allows a deeper understanding of your child's inner world.


We will move on:


+ Enabling your child's creativity.

+ Building your child's self-confidence.

+ Fostering social experiences through movement and dance.

+ Building a healthier and deeper bond with your child.

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