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Not sure what you need? 


The difference between counselling, psychotherapy and coaching can be confusing. Particularly as there is a significant amount of overlap, contributing to the terms often being used interchangably. 


Counselling usually focuses on a specific problem and taking steps to resolve or fix that problem. It mainly based on exploring present circumstances, without too much exploration of the past. Counsellors rarely offer advice, instead focusing on guiding the client to choose the most appropriate actions for them to take. 


Psychotherapy (or 'therapy' for short) focuses on overall patterns of behaviour and ongoing issues. Psychotherapy often involves discussing past experiences and core beliefs, and 'digs' a little deeper in order to search for the causes of symptoms. It usually lasts for longer than counselling. 


Coaching focuses developing strategies for setting and achieving future goals. It may explore some present and past behaviour, but only for the purpose of better achieving future goals (rather than aiming to resolve past difficulties). 


The type of approach that you take is not nearly as important as having a good connection with your counsellor, psychotherapist or coach. This is something that can be discussed prior to commencing sessions, so that your needs and the goals of the sessions can be assessed and clearly defined. 

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