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Niños y Jóvenes 


Trabajamos con niños, adolescentes (y sus padres) en lo siguiente: 

  • Ajuste (incluyendo mudarse a México) 

  • Depresión, ansiedad y problemas de conducta 

  • TDAH, trastorno del espectro autista, discapacidad intelectual/superdotación y otras diferencias neurobiológicas. 

  • Problemas emocionales 

  • Problemas sociales 

  • Comportamiento desafiante 

  • Problemas para dormir

  • Trauma

  • Mejorar el vínculo padre-hijo 

Además, trabajamos con adolescentes (y en ocasiones con sus padres) en lo siguiente: 

  • Estrés académico 

  • Estrés social 

  • Reducción del tiempo de pantalla 

  • Autolesiones y tendencias suicidas 

  • La sexualidad emergente y las preocupaciones asociadas

  • Enfermedad mental emergente o diagnosticada 

* Damos la bienvenida a trabajar con niños y adolescentes con discapacidades de cualquier gravedad.


The Program Format

We offer both individual and group options. 

Individual sessions are booked as four individual 50-minute therapy sessions. These are scheduled at times that work for you.


Age range: 6-18 years old 
Length: 4 x 50 minute therapy sessions, booked at your convenience.
Cost:  $1100+IVA ($1276)
Therapist: Clementina Vera, child psychologist and previous school psychologist 

We also offer the program as a condensed, 3 hour, group workshop for $2500+IVA ($2900). This summer we’ll be running the following workshops: 

Age 11-14: Monday July 22, 2024, 10:00am - 1:00pm 

Age 15-17: Friday July 26, 2024, 10:00am - 1:00pm 

If your child is any age between 6 and 18, please contact us if you are interested in the group format. 

Study Success Program

Program Details 


Below you can find a detailed description of what each session will cover. These are always adapted to be age-appropriate, engaging, individualised and practical. 

Session 1: Physical Health 

Good habits around sleep, food and exercise are the foundation of all social, emotional, executive and academic health and wellbeing. In this session, your child will learn about their importance, will explore their own habits and be supported to find practical ways to make positive changes. Given this is 2024, this session includes a strong focus on screen time. 

+ For our littlest students, this session is best done as parent-only or as a parent and child session. 

++ For our oldest students, managing the distraction of phones and consequent poor sleep hygiene is often a big focus.


Session 2: Social/Emotional Health 

Our social/emotional health session focuses on building self-awareness around healthy friendships and expressing our emotions. Students will explore techniques for managing stress, expressing emotions constructively, and resolving conflict. 

+ For our littlest students, we'll be focusing on recognising emotions and playing nicely. 

++ For our oldest students, responding to bullying, 'groupism', feeling anxious socially, setting limits with friends, and managing conflict are often a focus. 

Session 3: Executive Functioning Skills  

Executive Functioning Skills refers to a set of skills that allow us to plan ahead and meet goals, display self-control, follow multiple-step directions even when interrupted, and stay focused despite distractions. 


Although our genes provide the ‘blueprint’ for learning these skills, we are not born with (or without) them. All students can learn strategies to improve their executive functioning skills. 


In this session, we focus on how to set goals, organisational systems and strategies for filtering out distractions effectively. 


 +For our littlest students, this session may be best completed with a parent, or just with the parent. 


+++For our oldest students, we’ll be helping them identify their personal areas for improvement (such as targeting procrastination, forgetfulness or distractions) and targeting this with practical strategies. 

Session 4: Study Skills and Increasing Motivation 

Did you know that these two things are inherently linked? Rather than being motivated by faraway goals such as college entry, children and young people do best when they set positivity daily habits that help them to reach their ultimate potential. 


In this session, students will be encouraged to think about their academic goals (nb: not everyone needs to be a straight A student). Then we reverse engineer the steps they need to take on a daily basis to make that goal their reality. 


+ For even our littlest 6 year old students, positive daily habits add up to create a big benefit! We help them understand this in a fun and creative way. 

++ For our oldest students, moving from big goals (and the vicious cycle of anxiety, overwhelm and the dreaded procrastination) to small daily steps can be an academic game-changer. We help them to realise this and make small daily commitments.  


Join us this summer and give your child the gift of readiness. Together, we’ll ensure they step into the new school year with confidence, enthusiasm, and the skills they need to succeed. Don’t miss out—secure your child’s spot today and watch them thrive!

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