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Get to Know Us

You can read our extended biographies below. Alternatively, if you would like help deciding which therapist is the best fit for you, just let us know. 

Dr Jenny Rious I Psychologist 


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*In person and online session 




Training and Intercultural Experience 

Dr. Jenny Rious is a licensed psychologist from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her work as a therapist, researcher, professor, and consultant has focused on understanding culturally-specific practices and providing culturally-affirming services.  She received her PhD from Tulane University. She has practised clinically in private practices, schools, community agencies and clinics, hospitals, and prisons. For the past six years, Jenny has taught Clinical Science and Psychological Disorders at Tulane. She has also served as Visiting Assistant Professor at Howard University’s Graduate School of Education, where she taught and supervised future school and counseling psychologists.  Prior to pursuing doctoral work, she taught in New Orleans public schools for fifteen years. She has collaborated extensively in team-based environments with families, educators, social workers, medical doctors, case managers, and advocates. 


Jenny believes the foundation for effective work is the trust between therapist and client. She seeks to understand clients’ multiple contexts—identity, family of origin, relationships, work and school—and collaborates with clients to set priorities in therapy. She is a safe, affirming guide and works together with clients to identify goals and values, develop strategies for change, and take concrete actions that lead to positive growth. From reframing negative thoughts to supporting personal growth and positive self-awareness, client and therapist work together to find proactive, practical and evidence-based strategies for transformation. Jenny encourages clients to discover and use their strengths to gain insights and address challenges, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. 


Areas of Expertise

Jenny specializes in grief and loss, complex trauma, post-traumatic stress, autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, identity development, life transitions, and disruptive impulse-control and conduct disorders. She also has experience in helping clients navigate relationship issues, self-sabotaging beliefs, and self-destructive patterns of behavior. 


She has worked closely with individuals, families, and schools in providing tools to support positive development in challenging environments and can provide both home and school-based consultation for families upon request.


Additionally, she has extensive experience in psychological assessment of children, adolescents, and young adults and can provide full psychoeducational evaluations upon request. 



Dr. Rious has also been the lead coordinator on large, multi-year research projects investigating positive development in minortized populations. She has presented research and provided trainings at many conferences and organizations including the American Psychological Association, Society for Research in Adolescence, Society for Research in Child Development, Children’s Hospital - Los Angeles, and Children’s Hospital-New Orleans.  



Dr. Rious is a licensed psychologist in the U.S. state of Louisiana (license #1513). She abides by the American Psychological Association's ethical guidelines, professional practice guidelines, requirements for supervision and ongoing professional development. She is also a Certified School Psychologist and abides by the National Association of School Psychologists ethical and professional practice guidelines.


  •  PhD. Psychology, Tulane University, Quinn fellow, 4 years

  • MS Psychology, Tulane University, Floweree Research fellow, 2 years

  • MA Education, University of Michigan

  • BA History, Education, University of Illinois-Chicago

  • Publications: 

    •  Rious, J. B., & Cunningham, M., Spencer, M.B. (2019). Rethinking the notion of “hostility” in African American parenting styles. Research in Human Development, 16(1), 35-50.

    • Rious, J. B., & Cunningham, M. (2018). Altruism as a buffer for antisocial behavior for African American adolescents exposed to community violence. Journal of Community Psychology, 46(2), 224-237.

    • Cunningham, M., & Rious, J. B. (2015). Listening to voices of youth: Implications for working in diverse communities. Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 85, S86-S92

    • Cunningham, M. and Rious, J. B. (2014), Deconstructing social class in economically, racially, and ethnically diverse schools. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy. doi: 10.1111/asap.12060

Rhianna Stavish
Counselling Clinical Mental Health Intern 

Rhianna 1 .jpeg

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*In person and online session 




Training and Intercultural Experience 

Rhianna has worked with Hola Therapy clients for several years as a coach, offering Cogntive Behavioural Therapy for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia. She is currently undertaking her Masters of Counselling in Clinical Mental Health in the USA and is undertaking her internship hours. She has lived in Mexico City for for the past four years.  


Rhianna is training in mental health diagnosis and intervention. She works from a person-centred perspective, highlighting the many cultural, social, familial and historical factors that influence each client's journey. She is able to offer talk therapy that helps you to gain insight and understanding into yourself, and can also offer specific strategies to improve mental health if this is desired. 


Areas of Expertise

Rhianna has a special working with depression, anxiety, insomnia and ADHD. She also frequently works with people in non-traditional relationships and those who want to explore their sexual wellbeing and intimacy. 


Rhianna is currently undertaking a Masters program in Counselling: Clinical Mental Health is practising as part of her internship placements with Adams State University, Colorado. 


  •  Masters of Counselling Clinical Mental Health, Adams State University, 2022 continuing. 

Rebecca Bacon Ehlers I Social Worker 

Rebecca 3 full length.HEIC

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  • EMDR Practitioner, EMDRHAP (EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program), 2021

  • Masters in Clinical Social Work, University of Chicago, 2020

  • Graduate Psychotherapy Intern, Marjorie Kovler Center for Survivors of Torture, 2020

  • Certified Community-Based Domestic and Sexual Violence Survivor Advocate, State of Oregon, 2018

  • Fully trained in Sanctuary Model of Trauma-Informed Care, Sanctuary Institute, 2018

*English & Spanish 

*In person and online session 

*Available Now 


Training and Intercultural Experience

Rebecca is a clinical social worker from Chicago, USA. She received her Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Chicago in 2020 with a specialization in international practice. Rebecca has lived and worked in the United States, Burkina Faso, and El Salvador before relocating to Mexico. 



Rebecca is a warm and affirming therapist. She considers the larger, external factors, such as culture and upbringing, and explores how these have influenced you. This helps in building a deeper and more complex understanding of ourselves and what ‘wellbeing’ means for us. It can also be drawn upon when making changes in our lives. For example, drawing on existing strengths to make changes that help us to live according to our values. Rebecca believes that every person has the capacity within themselves to uncover healing and wellbeing. 


Rebecca draws on a range of therapeutic approaches. She qualified to practice Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) which is often used in the treatment of trauma. She also draws on family systems theory, motivational interviewing and humanistic approaches such as narrative therapy. She can offer a structured and results-orientated approach when this is desired. 

Special Interest Areas - Trauma and Cultural Adjustment 

Rebecca has a special interest in supporting those who have experienced trauma in either childhood or adulthood. She also works frequently with cultural adjustment challenges.  

Bianca Santos I Psychologist 

Bianca 1.jpg

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*In person and online session 

*Currently full. Resuming with new clients in August 2024. 



Training and Intercultural Experience 

Bianca was born and raised in the Philippines where she completed her undergraduate training in Psychology. This was followed by a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology in California, USA. Here she worked at her university's global engagement office where she supported international students adjusting to American systems and culture. Bianca has also lived and studied in Australia and relocated to Mexico City mid-2022. She is registered as a psychologist in Mexico with the Secretaría de Educación, Cédula Profesional: 13430204.  


Adolescents and Adults 

Bianca has experience working with ages 11 through to adulthood. 

This includes experience at a middle school, working with students and parents, as well as a youth mental health service, providing support to clients aged 6 to 25. She provided individual, group and family therapy. 


Special Interest Areas - LGBTQI+, Neurodiversity (including ADHD and Autism), Trauma and substance misuse.  

Bianca has undertaken additional training to work with those exploring sexual orientation and gender identity, the LGBTQ+ community and the impacts of discrimination. Bianca has an interest in supporting those who are neurodiverse including Autistic and/or ADHD. She is experienced in working with people from diverse backgrounds, including various ethnic and racial identities. She is also experienced in working with those with a background of family dysfunction, sexual abuse and/or domestic violence, as well as other forms of trauma. Bianca also has an interest in supporting people with substance misuse which often co-occurs with the aforementioned challenges. 


In addition to this, Bianca supports people experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and complex trauma, existential issues and challenges with adjusting to life transitions. 



Bianca believes that good therapy is empowering therapy. This begins with a respectful and empowering therapist-client relationship, which honours the client's autonomy. Bianca offers her clients options and suggestions, but ultimately follows the client's lead in setting the goals and methods in therapy. For example, one person may prefer a more historical and exploratory approach aimed at deepening insight and understanding, whereas another may be looking for science-based interventions for changing their mood on a day-to-day basis. Whatever their preference, Bianca is committed to helping her clients honour their authentic selves, build on their existing strengths, and live a life aligned with their personal values so they can flourish.

Bianca has trained under master therapists with expertise in psychodynamic, existential-humanistic, somatic, and cognitive-behavioral orientations. Bianca is skilled in utilizing a plethora of evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), including Trauma-focused CBT and mindfulness-based CBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), gender-affirming therapy and somatic psychotherapy. She is also interested in object relations (e.g., attachment styles), structural family dynamics, intergenerational patterns, systems, and insight work and will draw on each of these models as is suited to the client’s needs and wants. Bianca integrates these multiple theoretical orientations and clinical interventions to help clients achieve their goals in therapy.


At the Intersection of the Model Minority Myth and Antiblackness: From Asian American Triangulation to Recommendations for Solidarity in the Journal of Counselling Psychology. 

"What Support?": A Qualitative Study on Social Support for Asian American Victims of Racism During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Frontiers Public Health 

 “Go back to China with your (expletive) virus”: A revelatory case study of anti-Asian racism during COVID-19 in the Asian American Journal of Psychology. 

  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University (2022)

  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) Certification, Medical University of South Carolina (2021)

  • Grief Counseling with Children and Adolescents Certification, Kara Grief Support (2021)

  • Working with LGBTQ+ Youth Training and Coaching Intensive Certification, Los Angeles LGBT Center (2020)

  • Puberty Talk California Sex Educator Certification, Health Connected California (2020)

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Certification, Santa Clara County (2019)

  • Crisis Counselor Certification for Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence, YWCA Silicon Valley (2019)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of the Philippines (2017)

Yazmin Sánchez I Early Childhood Specialist 

Yaz Desk Smiling.HEIC

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*Spanish only  

*In person and online session 



Training and Experience

Yazmin is born and raised in Mexico. She received a degree in psychology from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), and additional diplomas in Early Stimulation and Psychomotor Development and Comprehensive Psychological Assessment in child, adolescents and adults. 

Yazmin has dedicated her career to working with children in the early stages of life, primarily aged 0-6 years old but also up to age 10. She has extensive experience with newborns, babies, toddlers, preschoolers and primary aged children. Yazmin has studied and worked with children in educational, home and therapeutic settings.


She is skilled in both comprehensive assessment (intellectual, behavioural and neurodiversity) and in treatment, working closely with parents, nannies/secondary carers and teachers, all of whom contribute to the 'therapeutic environment' for young children. 

Early Childhood 

Disruptions such as transitions, a new sibling, household conflict, limit setting challenges, temperament and poor emotion regulation skills can all contribute to distress and/or behavioural challenges in children. Small but impactful changes to home routines, relationships, skill building, limit setting and emotion regulation support can contribute to positive changes for children. 


Special Interest Areas - Positive Childcare Practices  

Yazmin is passionate about promoting positive interventions to help children reach their potential. This includes exploring how we view a child's behaviour, what it can communicate to us, and how we can help them meet their needs in a positive way. 



Her work in constructivist and Montessori educational methods have affirmed her conviction that rather than being schooled, children should be encouraged to satisfy their curiosity, to create, experiment, imagine, think, learn, discover, explore, understand and question with loving and respectful support. 

Yazmin will typically work closely with the child's parent/s. Older children (aged 7 and up) may benefit from individual sessions depending on their needs. 


  • Diplomado en Estimulación Temprana y del Desarrollo Psicomotor, Universidad Anáhuac, 2021 a 2022 

  • Diplomado en Evaluación Psicológica Integral en Niños, Adolescentes y Adultos, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), 2019 a 2021 

  • Licenciada en Psicología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), 2013 a 2017

Clementina Vera I Child Psychologist 

Photo Clementina.HEIC

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*Age 6 - 18 years 

*English and Spanish 

*In person and online session 


Training and Intercultural Experience

Clementina is a licensed Psychologist from Caracas, Venezuela, where she trained and obtained experience in supporting children and adolescents. Clementina is currently living in Mexico City and provides sessions online and in person.


Clementina enjoys working with both children and parents. When working with younger people she draws on her experience at as an International School Counselor at the American school in Venezuela, where she focused on supporting students, parents and teachers. During those three years she trained in order to best support parents with their parenting strategies and the students with general child support which included special education needs and behavioral needs.


Clementina provides a mix of individual therapy and group counselling and is skilled at working with anxiety, grief, trauma, anger management, social challenges and more. 

Prior to becoming a psychologist, Clementina enjoyed being a Teacher’s Assistant at Universidad Metropolitana, where she supported and helped guide Psychology students with their clinical cases. Around that time she also supported oncology patients and their families through their fear, anxiety and grief.


Special Interest areas - Special Needs and Giftedness, Social Skills, Body Image.  

Clementina has special interest areas in giftedness, neurodiversity (Autism and ADHD) and LGTBQ+. She  is trained in diagnosis and treatment of specific disabilities and learning disorders. She has also worked with giftedness and coauthored Beyond The Normal Curve  which was presented and published at the World Conference of Qualitative Research in Portugal. 



Clementina uses a holistic approach which means that she is flexible in using the model that best suits the client’s needs, whether it be CBT, Person-Centered Approach and/or Psychodynamic. She will support her clients towards having a clear vision of their possible struggles and triggers by guiding them to answer their own inquiries and focusing on their needs and goals.



Clementina is a licensed psychologist within the Venezuelan regulation body, she is a member of the Colegio de Psicólogos de Miranda, and the Federación de Psicólogos de Venezuela (FPV N. 15.379).


  • Master in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Psychotherapy (in progress), Universidad ISEP LATAM, 2021-2023

  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas, 2013 – 2018

  • Psychological First Aids, 2020

  • Trauma Informed Positive Behavior Support Program – TIPBSP 2019

  • Certificate in Understanding Autism TQUK – 2020

  • Honors Thesis with academic award: “The Experience of Parents with Gifted Children”,

    presented at the 5th Positive Psychology Congress in Caracas, Venezuela, 2018.

  • Published article on WCQR “Beyond The Normal Curve: The Experience of Parents with Gifted Children (Vera, Yanes & Zavarce, 2018)” and presented at the World Conference

    on Qualitative Research, Lisbon, Portugal 2018.

David Lida  I  Psychotherapist

David Photo 3.jpg

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*Bilingual (English and Spanish) 

*In person and online 

*Adults, Older Adults and Couples 


Training and Intercultural Experience

David Lida studied psychoanalytic-based psychotherapy at El Colegio de Saberes here in Mexico City.


David is originally from New York but has spent most of the past 30 years living in Mexico. 



David offers both individual to older adolescents and adults (LGBTQI+ friendly). His approach is reflective and exploratory, and has worked with many clients through issues of stress, anxiety, trauma and grief.


David draws on a number of different models including psychodynamic approaches and humanistic perspectives. Through the facilitation of respectful, self-compassionate reflection, clients are able to gain new insights and clarity regarding their past and present challenges. 


About David 

Prior to being a therapist, David has also been a mitigation specialist, working with Mexicans who are in jail in the U.S. facing the possibility of the death penalty. He has also been a journalist and is the author of four books, including two about Mexico City: First Stop in the New World and Las llaves de la ciudad. His work as a therapist is the culmination of decades of efforts listening to people, in the quest of understanding their motivations and actions. 

Jenna Mayhew  
Founder I Principal Psychologist 


*Jenna is not currently seeing new clients*

*English only

*In person and online 

Training and Intercultural Experience

Jenna is from Sydney, Australia, where she trained and completed her registration as a psychologist (this is a six year training and registration program). She has lived and worked as a therapist in London, Sydney and Mexico City. 


Jenna works in a gentle and highly empathetic way; while also being committed to achieving your goals through focused intervention. Jenna is trained in assessment, diagnosis and intervention of mental health disorders and goals are collaboratively identified at the start of treatment. Jenna uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy combined with other evidence-based models and approaches, such as Client-Centred Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Shema Therapy and Attachment Theory. 

Work with Adults

Jenna has worked in the social sector for 16 years including 12 years working as a psychologist. She has spent many years in private practice as a generalist psychologist, working primarily with expatriates and immigrants. This has provided her with extensive experience working with anxiety, depression, relationship strain, work- or school-related stress, relocation and cultural adjustment. She have also trained and worked in depth with trauma, women's rights, youth mental health, and parenting/child behavioural support. The thread that binds all her work together is that it is almost exclusively with people who are dealing with the challenges while also living in a foreign country. 

Work with Teens 

Jenna works at a senior level and has previously supervised teams of up to sixty counsellors. Jenna's most recent position in Australia was as the Senior Psychologist for headspace, Bondi Junction, a youth mental health service with over 45 clinicians including psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners (doctors), exercise physiology and a sexual health clinic. Jenna's work spans assessment, therapy and supervision of other allied health professionals (psychologists, counsellors, occupational therapists and speech pathologists working in the mental health sector). Jenna currently works with young people who often attend international schools in Mexico City. 


Jenna is a registered psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA, registration number: PSY0001648551). She abides by AHPRA's ethical guidelines, professional practice guidelines, requirements for supervision and ongoing professional development. Jenna is also an approved Psychologist Supervisor with the Australian Psychological Society. She is a registered psychologist in Mexico, Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), Cédula Profesional: 124 566 7.


  • Board-Approved Psychology Supervisor, Australian Psychological Society, 2022

  • Master of Clinical Psychology, Charles Sturt University, 2016-2022   

  • Organisational accreditation training with Dr Bruce Perry, Child Trauma Academy on the Neuro-sequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT), 2011-2012

  • Registration with Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA)  - Psychologist, 2011 

  • Psychology Internship with SAL Consulting, 2009-2011

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology, University of Western Sydney, 2008

  • Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), University of Western Sydney, 2004-2007

Sarah Boyle  I  Social Worker


*English only 

*Online only (Sarah has since relocated back to Sydney, Australia) 


Training and Intercultural Experience

Sarah is a qualified Social Worker from Sydney, Australia and completed a portion of her Masters degree in Mexico City.  Sarah has been a social worker for over 10 years and her roles have covered counselling, case management, program management, and policy and advocacy in the mental health sector. Much of her work has had a strong focus on supporting people as they settle into a new country, and the associated feelings of cultural disconnect, isolation, and uncertainty that can arise. She has worked with a wide range of clients, including those with depression and anxiety, through to complex mental health support needs, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 


Sarah also lectures in Social Work at number of universities and enjoys supporting and providing supervision to newly graduated social workers and social work students. She cofounded the Inner and Eastern Sydney Transcultural Mental Health Professionals Network which facilitates professional development opportunities for mental health workers that provide transcultural support. 

Sarah’s work as a therapist is informed by her specialisation in cross-cultural practice and her social work background. This means she closely considers external factors that impact on a person’s wellbeing such as their family, country, societal and systemic structures, and other influences. Using this lens, she supports her clients to understand the challenges they’re facing and how they may be able to best move past them in a way that is authentic to their own needs and values. Sarah has a specialisation in working with people who have a history of trauma, and has a flexible approach, recognising how cultural perceptions of wellbeing may vary greatly.


For the last 18 months, Sarah has been splitting her time between Australia and Mexico, maintaining strong connections in the mental health and migration sectors within both countries. Sarah views policy & advocacy work as crucial to social work practice, due to the strong link between an individual's socio-political and cultural environment, and their mental health and wellbeing. 



Sarah is a Member of the Australian Association of Social Work (registration number 443174). 



  • The Happiness Trap  (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training)  and Emotion-Focused Therapy: Attachment Science in Practice, 2022. 

  • Master of Development Studies, Refugee and Displaced Persons, University of New South Wales Australia, 2014 - 2016 

  • Immigrants, Human Rights and Society. Academic Intensive Student Exchange Course, Universidad La Salle, A.C. Mexico 

  • 2016.

  • Trauma Informed Care in Practice, Blue Knot Foundation (formally known as Adult Survivors of Child Abuse)

  • Mental Health First Aid, 2012

  • AustraliaBachelor of Social Work, University of New South Wales Australia, 2008 - 2011. 

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